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Only the power of the people can defeat the powerful special interests that want our wild horses eliminated from our public lands.

That’s why we place a high priority on growing our grassroots army!  In 2017 we collected over 500,000 petition signatures, grew our online community by nearly 100,000, and our supporters submitted over 100,000 public comments through our online platform.

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We have showcased our work through the Green Festivals, Taking Action for Animals Conference, and numerous equine and wildlife festivals throughout the country.


As the leading voice for wild horse protection in America, we are an important resource for the media on humane wild horse management.  We continue to drive coverage by national and local media, including major print, TV and radio outlets with the goal of raising awareness about the plight of wild horses and empowering the American public to take a stand for wild horse protection. In 2017, we were mentioned in news articles an average of 10 times per month.

Submitting Public Comments

AWHC comments on all major federal actions by the BLM that will or could affect our wild horses and burros. Under the National Environmental Policy Act ("NEPA"), the BLM is required to prepare either an Environmental Assessment ("EA") or an Environmental Impact Statement ("EIS"). The public is asked to comment on either form of environmental review document. Also as part of the process, the BLM will ask the public for scoping comments before writing an EA or EIS. AWHC also sends scoping comments to the BLM on all actions that will or could affect wild horses.

AWHC also comments on the rulemaking process when an agency plans to change or make a new regulation that will affect our wild horses and burros. When this occurs, an agency will provide notice to the public of a rulemaking in the Federal Register. Comments are accepted from the public during the rulemaking process. 

See our most recent comments below:

Roundup Documentation

Wild horse and burros roundups occur out of the public eye in remote areas of the West. We send observers to the roundups so the public can see what is going on. We observe and document the roundups to hold the BLM accountable for its inhumane policies and to educate the public about  the atrocities that are occuring on our public lands. In fact, it is our right as citizens to observe government activities. Public education is the foundation that we must build on to make lasting change. Even today, most Americans don’t know about the plight of wild horses and burros. When they learn about it, they are outraged. It’s our job to build public awareness and the grassroots army necessary to rise up and force change. Observing, documenting and disseminating video and photos of the roundups is essential to this task.

AWHC sends formal complaints and requests for action to the BLM when we believe a contractor is conducting a roundup in an inhumane manner. Our observers are on the ground, helping us document inhumane practices. When issues arise, we send letters like the ones below to request that the BLM suspend the roundup and ground the helicopters while an investigation is undertaken of the BLM's and contractor's conduct in the roundup. AWHC remains a diligent observer of all BLM wild horse activities.