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Scoring another major legal victory for wild horses and burros

Published on Apr 6, 2017


Our awesome legal team’s string of victories continued this week, with a decision from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco upholding the dismissal of a lawsuit filed by the Nevada Association of Counties (NACO), the Nevada Farm Bureau and others against the U.S....

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Exceeding Goals on the Virginia Range

Published on Apr 5, 2017

AWHC is proud to be implementing the largest humane on-the-range Wild horse management program in the world. (Note: Technically speaking, the Virginia Range horses are legally defined as "feral/estray horses" because they were not extended federal protections as "wild" horses.) This program is a...

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BLM Persists in Its Attack on Wild Horses in the Wyoming Checkerboard

Published on Mar 28, 2017


(March 28, 2017)  The management of the wild horses on the Wyoming Checkerboard is a story about persistence.  On the one hand, there’s the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) that’s determined to eliminate them to appease ranchers who want the land to graze...

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What will the President’s budget mean for wild horses and burros?

Published on Mar 18, 2017

So what will the President’s budget mean for wild horses and burros? The short answer: we don’t yet know.

(March 18, 2017) . . . The President’s budget was released earlier this week.  If passed by Congress, the budget will mean massive funding cuts for many federal...

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Update on Utah Colt Chased Relentlessly by Helicopter

Published on Mar 9, 2017

On Monday, March 6, photographer Kimerlee Curyl traveled on behalf of the American Wild Horse Campaign to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Delta (Utah) Corrals to check on the wild horses who were captured in February at the BLM's helicopter roundup in the Cedar Mountain Herd Management...

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Utah Bid to Takeover Management of Wild Horses Dies in the Senate

Published on Mar 7, 2017

Photo by Kimerlee Curyl Photography

Update (March 12, 2016): The Utah legislative session has ended and H.C. R. 22, the  resolution aimed at state takeover of management of federally-protected wild horses, has died.  It passed the House...

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Officials Plan Capture Of Wild Horses In Central Idaho

Published by Associated Press on Feb 23, 2017

Editors Note: This is progress. In 2009, the BLM used helicopters to capture 366 wild horses and permanently remove 144 of them from their homes on the range. Three years later, the BLM used helicopters  to remove 150 wild horses from the range. Now five years later, after a PZP...

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Cedar Mountain Roundup, February 2017

Published on Feb 15, 2017


February 20, 2017

The roundup was post-poned today due to weather conditions. However 81 wild horses were shipped to the Delta Wild Horse and Burro Facility. 

There was one death reported. According to BLM: A 2 year-old bay...

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Bad Reviews For New Anti-Animal Welfare Film

Published on Feb 13, 2017

Anti animal welfare industry group Protect the Harvest's new propaganda film to promote slaughtering America's wild horses has received scathing reviews.

Protect the Harvest is a group that fights to defend horrific puppy mills, the shockingly cruel practice of horse soring and works to...

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BLM Lays Groundwork to Eliminate Wyoming Wild Horses

Published on Feb 8, 2017

February 2, 2017

The BLM has  announced that it will begin to capture wild mares in Wyoming this month for the purpose of affixing radio collars around their necks to study their movement in the Adobe Town HMA.

This research was originally planned for the Red Desert Complex but was...

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Citizens standing up for wild horses in Nevada

Published on Feb 8, 2017

January 27, 2017

Yesterday, January 26, 2017, was an example of what can happen when people stand up and speak out for wild horses. More than 60-70 wild horse advocates from northern Nevada attended the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM's) local Resource Advisory Council (RAC)...

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House opens door for transfer of federal lands: Will Trump play ball?

Published on Feb 8, 2017

January 14, 2017

While we are gearing up for a fight over horse slaughter and budget language that would allow BLM to strip wild horses and burros of federal protection and hand them over to state and local agencies that actively lobby for mass roundups and slaughter, a larger issue...

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