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For over six years, the American Wild Horse Campaign has defended America’s wild horses in the courts of law. Working with our coalition partners, including the Cloud Foundation, photographers, local citizens and our top-notch legal team at Meyer Glitzenstein and Eubanks, we have amassed a strong record of successful litigation.


✔ Joined with photographer Kimerlee Curyl to challenge the BLM's plan to remove over 9,000 horses from the Antelope and Triple B Complex in Nevada over the next ten years.  A major focus of the case is the BLM's plan to castrate hundreds of wild free-roaming stallions and use an unproven birth control vaccine, on wild mares living in this 3.8 million-acre public lands complex. 

✔Teamed up with The Cloud Foundation and Western Watersheds Project to defend the wild horses living on BLM lands in the Caliente Complex in Nevada. We are challenging the BLM's plan to eradicate wild horses from these public lands while continuing to allow intensive commercial livestock grazing in the area. 

✔Won a Preliminary Injunction to halt BLM's plan to subject wild mares to barbaric sterilization surgeries to remove their ovaries. As a result, BLM then chose to abandoned the experiments all together.


✔Defended wild horses in Idaho from the BLM’s plans to destroy the wild free-roaming horse population in the Saylor Creek Herd Management Area by converting it to a non-reproducing herd of surgically sterilized stallions and mares.  
✔Defended wild horses in Utah from a rancher lawsuit seeking the removal of thousands of mustangs from public land in that state.
✔Fought at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to uphold a lower court decision to toss a rancher lawsuit seeking the roundup and slaughter of thousands of wild horses from public lands in that state.


✔Scored two major, precedent-setting legal victories at the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.
✔Overturned a lower court decision that put wild horses at the mercy of private landowners and ranchers who want to eradicate these animals from our public lands.
✔Stopped the BLM from treating the public lands in the Wyoming Checkerboard as private.
✔Forced BLM to cancel the round up of hundreds of horses from Checkerboard lands.
✔Held that states and ranchers cannot sue the government to remove wild horses just because their population numbers exceed BLM’s arbitrarily imposed limits.
✔Affirmed that BLM is not required to remove horses from the range, but rather has broad discretion when managing horses, including the use of humane fertility control.
✔Stopped BLM’s plans to conduct barbaric sterilization experiments on wild mares.
✔ Our First Amendment lawsuit demanding the right to observe and document these gruesome experiments caused BLM to cancel them, sparing 200 mares and their unborn foals pain, suffering and high risk death.


✔Intervened and won in a lawsuit filed by ranchers in Nevada seeking mass removals and slaughter of wild horses and burros. Case dismissed with prejudice (meaning it cannot be re-filed) by the lower court!
✔Intervened and won in a lawsuit filed by the State of Wyoming on behalf of ranchers seeking the mass roundup and removal of thousands of wild horses from the state. Case dismissed as meritless by the lower court.


✔Stopped the BLM from “zeroing out” (eliminating wild horses from) the Jakes Wash Herd Area in Nevada and from castrating wild free roaming stallions in the Pancake Herd Management Area, also in Nevada.


✔Stopped the BLM from surgically sterilizing wild free roaming mares and stallions in the White Mountain Herd Management Area in Wyoming.