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BLM can't legally choose grazing over wild horses — lawsuit

Published by Scott Streater, E&E News on Jun 28, 2018

The Bureau of Land Management cannot remove wild horses in a protected herd management area in Nevada because of a lack of forage and habitat if at the same time it is going to allow thousands of cattle and sheep to continue grazing at the site.

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Amendment would set 'starting point' to sterilize wild horses

Published by Kellie Lunney, E&E News on Jun 7, 2018

Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) plans to introduce an amendment to spending legislation dealing with the Interior Department's wild horse struggles. Bureau of Land Management

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Published by King5 on May 4, 2018

Last week, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) proposed a controversial plan to deal with a backlog of wild horses.

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BLM floats wild horse reduction plans

Published by Mateusz Perkowski, Capital Press on May 3, 2018

The U.S. wild horse population would be reduced 69 percent over the next six to 12 years under four options being considered by federal land managers.

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BLM Ponders Cash Incentive for Mustang Adopters

Published by Pat Raia, The Horse on May 3, 2018

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has proposed offering up to $1,000 to anyone willing to adopt a Mustang currently residing the agency’s holding corrals in an attempt to boost adoptions, but wild horse advocates are slamming the idea as costly and potentially dangerous to the horses.

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BLM Gives Congress New Wild Horse Plan

Published by Amanda Peacher, Boise State Public Radio on Apr 30, 2018

The Bureau of Land Management has presented Congress with a controversial new plan to manage wild horses.

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Rights groups decry US plan to reduce number of wild horses

Published by Al Jazeera News on Apr 30, 2018

The US government has unveiled a plan to reduce the number of wild horses and burros (wild donkeys) on public ranges from 100,000 to 27,000 through methods such as sales, sterilisation and euthanasia.

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U.S. Government Releases Plan to Cull and Slaughter 100,000 Wild Horses and Burros

Published by Natasha Brooks, One Green Planet on Apr 30, 2018

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has released their plan for the “management,” aka the capture, sale, and slaughter, of American wild horses and burros, and

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Nevada to Rethink Plan for Virginia Range Horses

Published by Pat Raia, The Horse on Apr 27, 2018

The state of Nevada will reassess its options for managing the Virginia Range horses after an attempt to solicit a new private owner failed.

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Horses, anyone? Nevada gets no takers for mustang giveaway

Published by Associated Press, Las Vegas Review-Journal on Apr 23, 2018

RENO — The state of Nevada is reconsidering a proposal to find private owners for nearly 3,000 free-roaming horses under state jurisdiction after no one offered to assume ownership of the mustangs that are at the center of a legal battle.

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