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"WE NEED the tonic of wildness."

Published on Dec 18, 2013

By Suzanne Roy of AHWPC for Huffington Post

42 years ago this week, President Richard M. Nixon invoked these famous words of Henry David Thoreau when signing the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act.

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Renowned Horse Artist Ritch Gaiti Announces Support for the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

Published on Nov 11, 2013

By Digital Journal

Lompoc, California (PRWEB) November 11, 2013

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Horse preservation group alleges Pelahatchie man remains 'slaughterhouse middleman'

Published on Nov 7, 2013

By Clarion-Ledger

A Pelahatchie man embroiled in a national controversy over the fate of wild horses rounded up from federal land in northern Nevada received a shipment of wild horses on Monday, despite warnings he was giving them away, a national preservation group claims.

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On Wild Horses, the Secretary of the Interior Needs to Listen to the Scientists

Published on Nov 4, 2013

By Andrew Cohen, The Atlantic

Nearly seven months into her tenure as Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell last Thursday at last made her first extended public comments about one of the most controversial and under-reported aspects of her portfolio as steward of the nation's public lands.

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At Mesa Verde National Park, wild horses have become unwanted nuisance

Published on Oct 6, 2013

By Nancy Lofholm, Denver Post

At Mesa Verde National Park, wild horses are referred to as "trespass livestock." They have trampled archaeological sites, damaged ice-making machines trying to get to water, and broken through fences meant to keep them out.

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Kevin O'Neill: Law is good for horses, people

Published on Oct 2, 2013

By Kevin O'Neil, Reno Gazette Journal

This past June, Gov. Brian Sandoval signed a number of new bills into law that elevate animal welfare throughout Nevada.

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2013 Wild Horses Wait on New Pastures

Published on Sep 21, 2013

By Caitlin Esch, KQED California Report

Horse slaughter is a hot-button issue. A federal court recently issued a temporary restraining order that blocked two horse slaughterhouses from opening, in response to a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture brought by the Humane Society and other groups opposed to treating horses like commercial livestock. The district judge will decide the case at the end of October.

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Wild horses saved from slaughter

Published on Sep 5, 2013

By Sharyn Cornelius, East Valley Times

The call to rescue hundreds of wild horses from slaughter went out on Friday, August 16, 2013. A total of 467 horses had been captured by the Fort McDermitt Paiute-Shoshone tribe with the approval of the U.S Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management and delivered to the Fallon Livestock Exchange

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Rep. Grijalva calls BLM’s horse policy ‘broken’

Published on Sep 5, 2013

By Scott Sonner, Associated Press

PALOMINO VALLEY — The top Democrat on a congressional subcommittee on public lands said Wednesday that he wants to work with well-meaning U.S. land managers to overcome decades of mismanagement of wild horses and fix outdated, “broken” roundup policies he says prioritize livestock over mustangs.

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Wild Horse Advocates, BLM to Work Together on Issues

Published on Sep 5, 2013
By Arianna Bennett, KTVN Wild horse advocates met with Bureau of Land Management representatives Wednesday at the Palomino Valley holding facility - and they may be coming closer to finding common ground. Read more

Arizona congressman to tour Palomino Valley wild horse facility, hold press conference

Published on Sep 1, 2013

By Reno Gazette Journal Staff

A congressman from Arizona will hold a press conference Wednesday at the Palomino Valley National Adoption Center north of Sparks.

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Nevada wild mustangs saved

Published on Aug 28, 2013

By Dianna Stallings, Alamogordo Daily News

RUIDOSO >> Last week, when a federal judge lifted a temporary restraining order clearing the way for the sale of 149 unbranded wild horses captured by the Fort McDermitt Paiute and Shoshone Tribe in northern Nevada, wild mustang advocates reacted swiftly.

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