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Feeding wild horses can cost them freedom

Published on Jul 11, 2013

By Bonnie Matton, Reno Gazette-Journal

Though people continue to feed and water wild horses, these horses most often end up becoming 'nuisance' horses, just like 'nuisance' bears.

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One view: BLM gets one right on horses

Published on Jul 8, 2013

By Ginger Casey, Reno Gazette-Journal

My first job in television news was in Reno. The searing sun and blistering temperatures could be relentless.

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Coalition Calls for Humane Conditions at BLM Holding Facilities

Published on Jul 8, 2013
The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, ASPCA and HSUS urge BLM to provide humane treatment at holding facility. Read more

CBS News Investigates Horse Slaughter - Willie Nelson Speaks Out!

Published on Jul 7, 2013
By CBS Radio News An eight-month long CBS News investigation examines the shadowy practice of slaughtering U.S. horses in Mexico and Canada Read more

Wild horses trying to beat the heat

Published on Jul 6, 2013

By Fox Reno

With record highs shining into the Fourth of July weekend, everyone is finding a way to beat the heat, even wild horses.

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Suit Aims to Block Horse Meat Inspections, Now at 2 Plants

Published on Jul 2, 2013

By Stephanie Strom, The New York Times

Several animal rights groups filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against the Agriculture Department, seeking to prevent it from inspecting horse meat that some companies want to produce for human consumption.

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Mustangs: How to manage America's wild horses? The debate rages

Published on Jul 1, 2013

By John M. Glionna, The Los Angeles Times

ANTELOPE VALLEY, Nev. – Just after dawn, a dozen mustangs stampede across the high desert, harassed by a white helicopter that dips and swoops like a relentless insect.

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Advocates Fighting Cold Creek Wild Horse Roundups

Published on Jun 29, 2013
By George Knapp, KLAS-TV Las Vegas COLD CREEK, Nev. -- Wild horses and burros living in the Spring Mountains in southern Nevada aren't likely to remain free much longer. Read more

Reactions to USDA Permitting of New Mexico Horse Slaughter Plant

Published on Jun 29, 2013
Despite overwhelming opposition and ample grounds on which to deny a permit, the USDA announced on June 28, 2013 that it would issue an inspection permit for a horse slaughter plant proposed by Valley Meats of Roswell, NM. Read more

Horse slaughterhouse in New Mexico approved

Published on Jun 29, 2013

By Associated Press

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Federal officials cleared the way Friday for a return to domestic horse slaughter, granting a southeastern New Mexico company's application to convert its cattle facility into a horse processing plant.

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N.M. moves to halt first U.S. horse slaughterhouse

Published on Jun 29, 2013

By Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times

New Mexico’s attorney general has ruled that horse meat is an adulterated product, which animal rights advocates said should halt a slaughterhouse that had applied to become the first in the U.S. to resume horse slaughter for human consumption.

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BLM, community square off over Fish Springs wild horse issue

Published on Jun 28, 2013

By Jeff Munson, Carson Now

Local residents gathered at the Bureau of Land Management field office in Carson City Wednesday, amid concerns over pending action that may include removal of wild horses.

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