Cloud Foundation: Zinke Orders BLM to Categorize Wild Horses for Slaughter

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Our friends at the Cloud Foundation report a tip from an anonymous source stating that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has ordered the BLM to categorize all wild horses in holding facilities by age and weight to prepare them for being sold for slaughter. If this is true, it shows that Zinke is confident that the Congress is going to give him permission to kill these innocent and iconic animals by the tens of thousands.  It's not unexpected: As a Montana State Senator, Zinke pushed for horse slaughter, explaining, "When a horse is too old to breed, too old to ride, or too expensive to feed, a horse is disposed of." 

Secretary Zinke is out of step with the wishes of the American people, 80 percent of whom oppose the cruel practice of horse slaughter.  Zinke doesn't represent just Montanans anymore, he represents all Americans. It's up to us to show the Congress that Americans want our wild horses and burros protected, not brutally slaughtered to benefit a small handful of subsidized ranchers who want wild horses wiped off our public lands.

The next week and a half will make the difference. We can win this but only with your help. Keep calling and contacting Congress.

Read The Cloud Foundations press release here.