Get Wild! Your Summer Vacation With Mustangs

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Many wild horse ecotourism opportunities exist on our public lands. 
In New Mexico, the Jicarilla Wild Horse Territory offers visitors amazing opportunities to view these iconic animals. 
In Colorado, the Little Book Cliffs Wild Mustangs, near Grand Junction and the Sand Wash Basin Wild Mustangs, west of Craig provide excellent eco-tourism/viewing opportunities.
Numerous viewing opportunities exist for Wyoming Mustangs, including:
In Utah, the Onaqui Mountains wild horses are popular with photographers and wild horse watchers. 
In Arizona, visitors flock to see the Salt River wild horses in the Tonto National Forest. And the town of Oatman is famous for its burros, who come from the BLM's Black Mountain Herd Management Area. 
In Oregon, the Steens Mountain wild horse population is known as the Hollywood Herd for its popularity with photographers and visitors.
These are just some of the many wild horse herds enjoyed by visitors to our western public lands. Additionally, this is an underutilized resource that the Interior Department never promotes, but one that is of interest to many Americans. The eco tourism value of our wild horse herds is growing as Americans become more aware of the presence of these magnificent, historic and fascinating animals in the West. Share this with your friends and family!