Roundups Continue As Fall Approaches

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The BLM has been quietly removing wild horses and burros via bait trapping, a less invasive and controversial method of removing horses. However, the BLM is contracting with livestock companies to remove wild horses and burros via bait trapping, and deaths -- including from traumatic injuries such as broken necks -- have been associated with these operations. In addition, these horses and burros, like those captured via helicopter stampedes, are being robbed of their families and their freedom and transported from their homes on the vast open range to feedlot holding pens. Since the BLM only adopts a fraction of the horses removed, and because the agency already stockpiles over 45,000 wild horses and burros in holding facilities, the vast majority of the horses and burros are destined to spend their lives in captivity, with the threat of being sold for slaughter hanging ever present over their heads. 
Below is an update on the BLM wild horse and burro removals that have taken place so far this summer.

Below is the BLM tentative removal schedule moving into the fall:

Following are roundups and removals that have been completed, are underway or are pending:

Cibola/Dome Valley/YPG wild horse and burro bait/water removal, Yuma, Arizona

Underway: The BLM plans to remove 25 wild horses and 35 wild burros in the area near Highway 95 and Aberdeen Road in Yuma, Arizona.  According to the BLM the animals are creating hazardous situations for themselves and motorists along the heavily used public routes. As of September 6, 2016 34 burros and 31 horses have been removed from the range. 

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Stone Cabin HMA bait/water removal, Tonopah, Nevada

Underway:  The BLM will removed approximately 325 wild horses from the Stone Cabin HMA through the use of bait/water trapping. Approximately 115 horses, mostly weaned foals and yearlinds, will be removed from the range and approximately 210 of the captured wild horses will be released back to the range. Of the horses released, roughly 110 will be mares treated with the fertility control vaccine PZP.  As of September 7, 78 wild horses have been removed.

Contractor: Warner Livestock

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Woodhills/Spruce-Pequop HMA bait/water removal, Elko, Nevada

Underway: The BLM plans to remove approximately 60 horses utilizing temporary water and bait traps. As on September 6, 30 wild horses had been removed.

Contractor: Sampson Livestock

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Three Fingers HMA Helicopter Roundup, Vale, OR

Completed: The BLM rounded up and removed 155 wild horses -- 33 foals, 55 mares and 67 stallions through the use of a helicopter stampeded. 

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Triple B HMA and Silver King HMA bait/water removal, Ely, Nevada

Completed: The BLM captured and removed 105 wild horses through the use of bait-trapping in the Silver King HMA. There was 1 death after the BLM euthanized a horse for "severe tooth loss and missing right eye." The BLM captured and removed 181 wild horses from the Triple B HMA  through the use of bait-trapping. There were 4 deaths from; dehydration, (2) broken necks and a broken leg.  

Contractors: Warner Livestock and Sampson Livestock

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Blawn Wash Roundup, Western Utah

Completed: The BLM rounded up and removed 158 animals through the use of helicopter stampede. There were 2 deaths from a broken neck and "severe scoliosis."

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