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On Monday, March 6, photographer Kimerlee Curyl traveled on behalf of the American Wild Horse Campaign to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Delta (Utah) Corrals to check on the wild horses who were captured in February at the BLM's helicopter roundup in the Cedar Mountain Herd Management Area (HMA). Of special concern was the little pinto foal who, with his mother, was chased relentlessly by the BLM helicopters, as captured in this AWHC video. After their traumatic capture, this mare/foal pair was separated forever. The mare was returned to the range after being vaccinated with PZP birth control, while her foal - a little colt - was shipped to the Delta corrals. 

Kimerlee reports that she was able to locate the colt. As seen at left below, he is much smaller than the other foals. Kimerlee estimates that he is not more than three months old and is shocked that a foal this young was separated from his mother. She observed that he kept mostly to himself and did not interact as much socially as the other youngsters, who had also recently been separated from their mothers but appeared to be slightly older, did.  


Because of the interest in this colt, the BLM will put him on the Internet for competitive adoption bidding in April. The other foals in these photos are also up for adoption through the BLM Delta facility. 


Kimerlee reports that many of the horses in the Delta pens are stunningly beautiful, young and up for adoption. 

She also observed a number of mares who had given birth in the holding pens, which means they were heavily pregnant when stampeded and captured in the helicopter roundup. 

It's sad to think that just last month, these beautiful wild horses were living free on the range with their families. Today, they are confined to small, muddy holding pens, awaiting their fate. Hopefully, some will be adopted into safe homes where they will be able to recover from the trauma they suffered so early in life. Others face years in holding pens and pasture. Their fate is uncertain as pressure mounts to slaughter these animals whose only crime was being born wild and free on our public lands. 

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