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Only the power of the people can defeat the powerful special interests that want our wild horses eliminated from our public lands.

That’s why we place a high priority on growing our grassroots army!  In 2016 alone, we collected more than 400,000 petition signatures, grew our online community by nearly 100,000 and had 300,000 actions taken on behalf of wild horses and burros. 

We have showcased our work through the Green Festivals, the Taking Action for Animals Conference, and numerous equine festivals throughout the country.

As the leading voice for wild horse protection in America, we are an important resource for the media on humane wild horse management.  We continue to drive coverage by national and local media, including major print, TV and radio outlets with the goal of raising awareness about the plight of wild horses and empowering the American public to take a stand for wild horse protection. 

And it’s working! Congress knows that support for destruction and slaughter of these American icons will provoke national outrage.

So please help us keep it up by joining our E-Action Team, following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and getting your friends and family to do the same!