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Senate Committee Moves to Reform Federal Wild Horse Program

In historic move, Senate Appropriations aligns with House on directing BLM to utilize humane fertility control 

Bureau of Land Management Starts Largest WIld Horse roundup In history

Amid public outrage, federal helicopters descended on Wyoming’s wild horses with the goal of rounding up nearly 50% of the states horses  

Bureau of Land Management Announces Largest Wild Horse Roundup in Program History

The agency prepares to remove 50% of Wyoming’s wild horse population

Environmental group blasts interior for ignoring cattle impacts and blaming wild horses for public land damage

WASHINGTON (September 20, 2021) — The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is failing to apply its own data about the growing adverse impacts of livestock grazing on Western public lands and is instead blaming wild horses for land degradation, according to a new analysis released today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), a leading environmental watchdog organization.

Media Update: Animal Welfare Violations Mount At the Barren Valley Wild Horse Roundup


Roundup Day 8

Animal Welfare Violations Mount At the Barren Valley Wild Horse Roundup

Foals (baby horses) chased with helicopters and roped; Horses electro-shocked with high-voltage cattle prods

Leading Wild Horse Advocacy Organization Calls for a Review of Abusive Practices at Oregon Wild Horse Roundup Happening Now

Animal Welfare Violations Mount as the Bureau of Land Management Accelerates the Roundup and Removal of Federally Protected Wild Horses and Burros from Public Lands

Leading wild horse advocacy organization applauds bipartisan reintroduction of the SAFE Act

The Save America’s Forgotten Equines (SAFE) Act would permanently ban horse slaughter in the US and stop the export of slaughter bound equines to Mexico and Canada 

Sand Wash Basin Roundup Continues For Final Day  


Sand Wash Basin Roundup Continues Outside Herd Management Area

50 captured horses to be released as 6th orphaned foal confirmed

AWHC Calls for Congressional Oversight Hearing on BLM Wild Horse Program and Moratorium on Roundups

AWHC Cheers Colorado Governor Jared Polis’ Help in Sand Wash Basin, Plan for State Involvement

10,000 Citizens Ask Interior to Halt the Roundup As Capture Total Exceeds 600

Media Update 9/9/21

5th foal (baby horse) orphaned in roundup, then euthanized for symptoms associated with capture shock, but BLM calls death "non-gather related"