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At AWHC, we’re not just advocating for change, we’re implementing it. Our in-the-wild management program for Nevada’s historic Virginia Range wild horses established the on-the-ground model for humane management or large wild horse populations on large tracts of land. The cornerstone of our program was remote darting of wild mares with a scientifically proven vaccine known as "PZP" to slow population growth rates and reduce population numbers over time. This approach provides a humane and cost effective alternative to rounding up and removing wild horses from their homes on the range. Read more about the Virginia Range Management Program here. 

We’re also helping community groups adopt and implement this model of humane management for other populations of wild horses in the West including our close partnership with our coalition partner the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group outside of Phoenix, Arizona, and the Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates in Gardnerville, NV.

These programs are Keeping Wild Horses Wild - read more below.