PEER: America's Rangelands Deeply Damaged by Overgrazing

America’s Rangelands Deeply Damaged by Overgrazing

Figures Show Vast Areas Failing BLM’s Own Rangeland Health Standards

What You Need to Know: The Wyoming Checkerboard

(February 4, 2020) The BLM, on behalf of the livestock industry, has waged a decade-long effort to eradicate federally protected wild horses in Wyoming from a land area roughly the size of the State of Connecticut ( 2.8 million acres/ 4,400 square mile). The area contains four Herd Management Areas (HMAs) and a 2-million acre swath of public and private lands known as the Wyoming Checkerboard, the origins of which date back to the railroad land grants of the mid-1800s.

The Scapegoating of Wild Horses

By Erik Molvar, Western Watershed Project

(October 31, 2019) From the perspective of Western Watersheds Project, the nation’s leading environmental conservation group working to solve the widespread problem of poor range health on western public lands, cattle — not wild horses — are the main problem causing overgrazing and damage to native habitats on western public lands.