New Study on Mountain Lions Prompts Call for Reevaluation of Wild Horse Management Policies

(WASHINGTON) AUG 26, 2021 — Mountain lions could help to stabilize wild horse populations in certain areas across the West according to new research published in the Journal of Wildlife Management.

New Research Shows Benefits of Wild Burros to Desert Ecosystems

Findings Challenge U.S. Interior Department Plans to Massively Reduce Wild Equid Populations in the American West

Watch Video - Wild Burros are Ecosystem Engineers

Video about the research is available for distribution with permission from the American Wild Horse Campaign.

New Technology Could Help Humane Management of Wild Horses

(February 22, 2021) Instead of the unscientific approach of mass helicopter roundups, humanely managing wild horses requires a more sophisticated method that relies on fieldwork and on-the-ground knowledge of the horse or burro populations a particular BLM district is managing.

Scientific Research Alert: Research cements native ancestry of America’s wild horses 

(November 12, 2020) The status of the horse as a native species in North America has long been the subject of debate in this country, with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and other proponents of wild horse roundups claiming that the iconic animals are an invasive species. This contentious argument has been a barrier to securing the place of the wild horse in the American West. 

Learn More: America's Wild Horses, a Native Reintroduced Species

By Amelia Perrin

(October 8, 2020) America’s wild horses are deeply interwoven in the fabric of the American West. When you think of wild horses, you may think of freedom, fierce family bonds, and powerful protectors -- all ideals many Americans align themselves with and take great pride in. 

Is the University of California Complicit in Promoting Horse Slaughter?

In 1998, California made history by passing Proposition 6, the first state legislation in the country to ban the export and slaughter of horses* for human consumption.

But apparently, more than 20 years later, the University of California still hasn’t gotten the message that Californians have said “No” to this brutal practice and that it’s illegal in the Golden State - home to approximately 700,000 domestic horses.

Fertility control program for wild horses a win-win partnership, says advocate

May 23, 2019

The opinion column below was written by Greg Hendricks, director of field operations for the American Wild Horse Campaign.

60 Stakeholders Oppose Cruel, Costly Wild Horse and Burro Round-Up Plan

Wild Horse Groups, Joined by 60 Stakeholders in Opposing Cruel, Costly Massive Wild Horse and Burro Round-Up Plan

The plan, still short on details, would cost taxpayers a billion dollars and depopulate many parts of the West of these iconic animals

NAS Key Findings

The BLM has been provided a humane, feasible, cost-effective path forward in wild horse and burro management. 

Read the comprehensive report by the National Academy of SciencesUsing Science to Improve the BLM WILD HORSE AND BURRO PROGRAM: A WAY FORWARD

Key findings from the National Academy of Sciences