In the Wild

Wild Horse Groups Pledge Reward for Justice in Nevada Wild Horse Death

American Wild Horse Campaign and Wild Horse Connection pledge funds to bring justice for illegally snared wild horse

Nevada Model Could Reform Cruel and Costly Federal Wild Horse and Burro Program

The Humane Fertility Control Program Shapes the Future of Wild Horse Conservation

(Reno, Nev.) – Today, the American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC) released the results of its fourth annual report for the Virginia Range Horse Fertility Control Program, conducted just outside Reno, Nevada and in partnership with the Nevada Department of Agriculture.

What's going on with Oregon's wild herds?

(September 25, 2023) There’s a lot to be discovered in Oregon. While the state is known for its hauntingly beautiful Pacific Northwest fog, its vast forests, rugged and wild coastline, and boundless outdoor adventures, many don’t know about the wild horses who roam the high desert. These incredible animals paint the landscape with beautiful roans, pintos, palominos, and cremellos. Like other wild horse herds in the West, they encounter common challenges such as Bureau of Land Management (BLM) roundups, inequitable resource distribution, and competition.

Spotlight: Tandin and the Cedar Mountain Herd

By Boo Geisse, Volunteer

(July 31, 2023) Tandin Chapman was working as a civil engineer in Salt Lake City when he got the bug. It was October 2020, and he had just seen wild horses for the very first time: a band of mustangs from the Onaqui Mountain Herd in the west desert of Utah.

Remembering Nancy Killian, Wild Horse Advocate

(Jun 22, 2023) In December, our community lost Nancy Killian, wild horse advocate extraordinaire, president of the Virginia Range Wildlife Protection Association (VRWPA), and longtime American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC) volunteer.  She is survived by her husband John, her daughters Brei and Chelsea, her granddaughters, and to all her dear friends and fellow members of the AWHC Virginia Range fertility control team.

Viewing Etiquette for Wild Horses and Burros

We all agree – our wild horses and burros are magnificent animals.  Seeing and experiencing them in their natural habitat, whether it’s the valleys, canyons, and steep ridges of northern Nevada or the rolling hills and slopes of central Wyoming, is truly the opportunity of a lifetime.

On the Range: Loose Wire is Dangerous for All

(Feb 17, 2023) Our local Nevada partners, Wild Horse Connection took a call that a Virginia Range horse had wire wrapped around its leg and section over ten feet long was dragging behind. This scenario is particularly dangerous if the wire gets caught on something or another horse steps on it, causing it to cinch tighter and cause serious injury.

Volunteer Blog: A New Start for Amos' Band

By Deborah Sutherland, AWHC Volunteer

(Feb 15, 2023) Not all wild horse band changes happen by choice or are caused by nature, some happen due to tragic events and such was the case for the Raymond and Amos bands. What started their chain of events was the tragic night that Raymond was hit by a car and died. Raymond had two mares, Hiker and Saunter, and Saunter’s colt Rover who were then left wandering the range alone with no stallion in the dark of night.

Volunteer Spotlight: Jen Stahl

(Feb 14, 2023) This month we talked to volunteer, Jen Stahl, about how she got involved on Nevada's Virginia Range. Read on to see how she got the “wild horse bug”! (Be careful, this bug is contagious!)