In the Wild

Meet Annabell May

Annabelle May has been with Virginia Range stallion, Hammer for years. She has a lovely roan coat and also has appaloosa characteristics. She is as steadfast as she is beautiful. Her wide-set eyes give her the look of wisdom and help her to see her surroundings. She is known to be a wonderful mother to her past foals. But she is also wary and cautious. When Hammer brought in a new mare a couple of years ago, she was not ready to accept this newcomer at first and made sure she stayed on the outside of the hub. Gradually, she and the other mares allowed the new mare into the band.

A Young Stallion Found Himself Stuck Between a Gully and a Hard Place! 

Gabe, a young stallion found himself stuck between a gully and a hard place! 

Sometimes wild stallions need a helping hand, and on the Virginia Range, the incredible local organizations are always on call! 

Leeto The Lead Stallion

Leeto The Lead Stallion

By Deb Sutherland 

Meet the Mustangs: Firecracker (AKA Little Orphaned Andy)

By Deb Sutherland, Volunteer

(July 13, 2021) To know Firecracker is to love him, he’s a survivor. He started out in life with several obstacles but managed to survive them all and is living a happy healthy life, wild and free.  He was born in July of 2018 to Excaliber Momma but a few months later she died leaving Firecracker orphaned.  (AKA Little Orphaned Andy by the locals).  He was born a very small pinto with the most unique markings and hasn’t gotten much bigger even though he is almost three years old.

The Story of Bitsy

(June 21, 2021) It’s foaling season on Nevada’s Virginia Range and while AWHC’s PZP program is showing outstanding success, there are still foals being born, albeit far fewer than previous years. Sometimes those foals need to be rescued. That was the case with Bitsy, a small foal who got separated from her mom. 

Volunteer Spotlight: Marty Wright

(June 20, 2021) Recently, AWHC sat down with volunteer documenter, photographer, and story-teller extraordinaire, Marty Wright on Nevada's Virginia Range to talk about all things wild horses! Marty is incredibly passionate and dedicated to protecting these historic wild horses. She can often be found trekking the dirt roads of the desert in her trusty Jeep, Nelly B!

Guest Blog: My Incredible Friend

By Wayne Woolway, Virginia Range Volunteer

Meet the Mustangs: Saddle Shoe

By Deb Sutherland, Virginia Range Volunteer

Saddle Shoe (AKA Lil’ Bossy) was born in a canyon in the Virginia Range near the springs where many bands would gather in the spring and summer.  Her sire was the black and white pinto Canyon Phantom who lived his whole life wild and free on the range. The year Saddle Shoe was born, 2012, Canyon Phantom had several mares and a large family band of roans, pintos, and buckskins.