10,000 Citizens Ask Interior to Halt the Roundup As Capture Total Exceeds 600

Media Update 9/9/21

5th foal (baby horse) orphaned in roundup, then euthanized for symptoms associated with capture shock, but BLM calls death "non-gather related"

Photo by Living Images by Carol Walker

  • Yesterday, 107 horses were rounded up and removed after being chased by helicopters and trapped, bringing the capture total to 608 since Sept. 1.
  • A 6-month old colt left alone on the range after Tuesday’s operation was found Wednesday morning near the trap site. BLM euthanized the foal, claiming he had “difficulties in movement and coordination,” which were “pre-existing” and "non-gather related." However, the American Wild Horse Campaign asserts that these symptoms are consistent with capture myopathy or “capture shock”, a condition in which muscle damage results from “extreme exertion, struggle or stress.” (Public observers have noted horses being run over long distances in 90+ degree heat and coming into the trap at gallop speed. ​​It is a common cause of death of young foals at roundups.) 
  • This is the fifth foal reported to have been left on the range all alone during this roundup. Problems with foals being left behind on the range also plagued the contractor, Cattoor Livestock Roundups, at last month’s BLM roundup in Nevada. 
  • Yesterday, nearly 10,000 citizens contacted the Interior Department and BLM to demand a halt to the roundup in response to an American Wild Horse Campaign action alert
  • Sand Wash Basin wild horse population is now well below the BLM’s approved population limit of 362 horses on 155,000 acres of land.
  • Yesterday’s operation, observers noted horses being driven over long distances in 90+ degree temperatures. The operation concentrated on the southern portion of the HMA, which is now cleared of wild horses. Today’s operation will focus on the north. 

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