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Little Fish Lake Roundup: February 8, 2015

Published on Feb 9, 2015
Approximately 150 wild horses will be rounded up from the Little Fish Lake Herd Management Area on February 8. Read more

Southeast Oregon Resource Advisory Council

Published on Feb 6, 2015

Prepared by Marika Ruppe, Equine Welfare Consulting Services for AWHPC

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Humboldt Roundup: January 30, 2015

Published on Jan 30, 2015
The BLM Humboldt helicopter roundup began on January 30, 2015 in a public land area that has been "zeroed out" for wild horses and turned over to ranching interests. Read more

Report on Tour of Bureau of Land Management Indian Lakes Short Term Holding Facility

Published on Oct 20, 2014
By Terri Farley Fallon, NV (October 17, 2014)….Following two years of locked gates and secrecy, the public was allowed to tour Bureau of Land Management’s Indian Lakes Road Short-Term Holding Facility in Fallon, Nevada. Read more

Death Reports from the Wyoming Checkerboard Roundup: September 15, 2014 to October 9, 2014

Published on Oct 8, 2014
Death tolls from the Wyoming checkerboard roundup Read more

The 4th annual International Equine Conference

Published on Sep 24, 2014
The 4th annual International Equine Conference Read more

Wyoming Roundup: September 15, 2014 to October 9, 2014

Published on Sep 16, 2014
The Roundup of over 800 wild horses from the Salt Wells, Adobe Town, and Divide Basin HMAs began September 15, 2014 Read more

BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board Meeting: August 25, 2014

Published on Sep 10, 2014

Riverton, Wyoming, August 25, 2014

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Bible Springs Roundup: July 28, 2014

Published on Jul 28, 2014
BLM begins wild horse roundup on July 28, 2014 Read more

June 24, 2014: Tour of Humboldt HA bait/trap removal

Published on Jun 26, 2014

By Karen Vineis, AWHPC

On June 24, 2014 I traveled to Lovelock, NV to tour the bait/water trap and holding site where a wild horse removal will begin and continue into the next few weeks. I was met by BLM employee Lisa Ross, as well as the Field Manager for the Humboldt River Field Office. A reporter from the Lovelock-Review Miner was also in attendance on the tour.

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Tragedy Unfolds for Tribal Horses in the Pacific Northwest

Published on Jun 10, 2014
For many years, a number of tribes in the Pacific Northwest have been pushing to open horse slaughter plants on tribal lands and to maintain horse slaughter as a market for domestic and wild horses left to breed unchecked on Native American reservations. Read more

Burro Stories for Burro Awareness Month

Published on May 19, 2014

Following are collected stories from AWHPC supporters about the beloved burro.

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