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BLM Budget Cuts Put Wild Horses at Risk, Advocates Say

Published by Pat Raia, The Horse on May 26, 2017

Under President Donald Trump’s proposed 2018 budget, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) would save $4 million on wild horse and burro management by eliminating restrictions on sales and other management options.

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Trump plans mean 100,000 US horses could face slaughter Read more at

Published by Sarah Radford, Horse and Hound on May 26, 2017

Advocacy groups in the US say up to 100,000 mustangs could face slaughter as the Trump administration slashes rural budgets.

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Trump Administration Moves to Slaughter America’s Wild Horses – Take Action Now!

Published by Grace Kuhn, AWHC Special to One Green Planet on May 26, 2017

Wild horse advocates’ biggest fear is coming true. On Tuesday, the U.S.

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Wild horses could be sold for slaughter or euthanized under Trump budget

Published by Karen Brulliard and Juliet Eilperin , Washington Post on May 26, 2017

The Bureau of Land Management spends about $50 million a year to house and feed more than 46,000 wild horses and burros in corrals.

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Trump Administration Wants to Slaughter Thousands of Wild Horses to Save $4 Million

Published on May 25, 2017

Washington, DC (May 25, 2017) ...The Trump Administration budget detail, released today, reveals that the Interior Department is planning to sell thousands of wild horses to slaughter to achieve  minor budget cuts.

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Trump’s Budget Would Allow Sale of Wild Horses for Slaughter

Published by Associated Press on May 25, 2017

PALOMINO VALLEY, Nev. — President Donald Trump's budget proposal calls for saving $10 million next year by selling wild horses captured throughout the West without the current requirement that buyers guarantee the animals won't be resold for slaughter.

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Budget Proposals Jeopardize the Lives of Tens of Thousands of American Wild Horses

Published by Horse Talk on May 24, 2017

America’s wild horses could be slaughtered in their thousands if the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) gets approval for its proposal to sell the horses without limitations.

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Wild Horse Group Calls On Trump To Save Mustangs

Published by Kerry Picket, Daily Caller on May 24, 2017

The American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC) on Tuesday demanded President Trump intervene on the proposed Interior Department’s budget and save American Mustangs

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Budget calls for BLM to euthanize animals it can't adopt out

Published by Scott Streater, E&E News reporter on May 24, 2017

The Bureau of Land Management's $1.1 billion fiscal 2018 budget request would reduce growing herds of wild horses and burros on federal rangelands by allowing for the "humane euthanasia and unrestricted sale" of potentially thousands of animals it cannot adopt out to other agencies or individuals

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Interior Department Seeks to Slaughter America’s Iconic Wild Horses

Published on May 23, 2017

Budget Request Seeks Approval from Congress to Kill Nearly 100,000 Wild Horses & Burros, Setting Stage for Near Extinction of Mustangs from the West

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Wild Horse Populations In Oregon On The Rise

Published by Amanda Peacher, Associated Press on May 18, 2017

Editor's notes: When will the BLM get it? If the agency would just use PZP birth control instead of removals or proposing extreme sterilization methods like removing mares' ovaries, they would get public support AND be able to humanely control population numbers.

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BLM seeks help monitoring Piceance Creek wild horses

Published by Jennifer Hill, The Herald Times on May 15, 2017

RANGELY | Last weekend the Bureau of Land Management White River Field Office partnered with Friends of the Mustang to host tours of the Piceance/East Douglas Horse Management Area wild horses.

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