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Judge rejects Utah ranchers plea to evict wild horses

Published by Brian Maffly, Salt Lake Tribune on Jul 13, 2017

A federal judge on Tuesday tossed a lawsuit brought by Utah ranchers demanding the Bureau of Land Management remove "excess" wild horses from several areas in the

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Advocates Stand Against Wild Horse Slaughter Threat Ahead of Federal Hearing

Published by Horse Talk on Jul 12, 2017

Animal advocates are vowing to fight budget proposals that could see tens of thousands of captive wild horses slaughtered as lawmakers prepare to consider the idea.

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Wild horses and burros on public lands won’t be killed – for now

Published by Jeff Horseman, The Press Enterprise on Jul 12, 2017

The federal government would be barred from euthanizing wild horses and burros on public lands if provisions in a draft House spending bill released this week end up in the final legislation.

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End wild horse roundups in West

Published by Jutta Vogelbacher, The Star Press on Jul 12, 2017

I urge the public to call on their senators and representatives to act against cruelty of a national treasure and symbol — the American Mustang.

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Trump budget sets up wild horse showdown

Published by Benjamin Spillman, Reno Gazette-Journal on Jul 12, 2017
Proposed BLM budget lifts slaughter restrictions, cuts birth control

The proposal upsets wild horse advocates who prefer non-lethal management methods such as birth control.

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Thousands of California’s wild horses may live or die depending on federal budget

Published by Jeff Horseman, The Press Enterprise on Jul 11, 2017

The fate of thousands of wild horses and burros could hinge on an Inland congressman and a few sentences in the upcoming federal budget.

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Wednesday: House Subcommittee to Consider Lifting Ban on Wild Horse Slaughter

Published on Jul 10, 2017

The House Interior Appropriations Committee has scheduled a markup for the 2018 Interior Department spending bill on Wednesday, July 12, 2017.

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Where the Wild Things Are

Published by Howard Leff, Bend Source on Jul 6, 2017

Forty-seven miles east of Bend, alongside a stream with the storybook name of Little Bear Creek, America's mythical wild horses have come to heal.


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Not horseplay: Two majestic stallions are locked in a brutal battle over territory and the right to breed with female horses they are trying to impress in Colorado

Published by Darren Boyle, Daily Mail on Jul 5, 2017

These are the shocking scenes when two wild stallions battled each other for the right to breed with a group of females in Colorado.  

The stallions square off with each other before rearing onto their hind legs and lashing out with 'punches'.

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Op-ed: Americans don’t want horse slaughter. Better options exist.

Published by Ginger Kathrens, Salt Lake Tribune on Jul 5, 2017

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke has inherited a number of thorny problems. One of the thorniest is the management of our nation's wild horses.

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Wild Horses Could Be Under Threat With U.S. Government’s Budget

Published by NBC News on Jul 3, 2017

The Trump administration budget would slash the amount to care for the wild horses removed from a range in Nevada by 20 percent, which could mean fewer government birth control programs for the burgeoning population and leave them vulnerable targets for slaughter.

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Wyoming is home to one of the country's largest unfenced areas. Its future is uncertain.

Published by Christine Peterson, Casper Star Tribune on Jul 3, 2017

RED DESERT – A few narrow dirt roads snake across the landscape, at times the only sign of humans.

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