BLM Pressured to Bring Wild Horse Population Under Control

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Drought is bringing hard times to Utah's range land and ranchers are complaining that wild horses are taking too big a share of the fodder that remains.
After a large number of Utahns complained, the Bureau of Land Management agreed to remove some wild horses from the range.

The plan is to put them up for adoption or place them on other ranges,

The BLM says they have received permission to move 200 wild horses off the range land in Utah. According to BLM officials Utah has more wild horses than the land can sustain.

The process has been slow because wild horses have friends in high places. Congress has clamped tight rules in favor of horses, so the BLM has had a hard time following its own plans.

The BLM reminds the public that they need permission from Washington to move forward on adoptions and relocations.

A recent drought has made the over population of horses an even more pressing issue, cattlemen are complaining because they are struggling to water their cattle.

Governor Herbert expressed his fears concerning how quickly the horse population can grow. He stressed the fact that they can double their population in just three or four years,

The BLM is confident they will get the horse populations under control; they say it is just going to take a few years.

Originally posted by KUTV