Deadly Day at California Wild Horse Roundup

5 horses - including 2 foals - die days after the stampede and a pileup kills 2

  • On July 29th, five wild horses died during the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) wild horse roundup in the Twin Peaks Herd Management, making it the deadliest day since the operation began on July 23rd. 
  • Two of the deaths were of young foals, both died of unknown causes and were found dead in the temporary holding pens.
  • The deaths came just days after the American Wild Horse Campaign released footage of  stressed and terrified wild horses climbing on top of each other in trap pen much too small for the volume of animals confined within it
  • The area is currently under a heat advisory and AWHC onsite observers noted the temperatures during the operation reached 99.5 degrees, exceeding the BLM’s temperature guidelines for conducting a roundup. Photos show horses covered in sweat and confirm the temperature in the area.
  • AWHC joins Congresswoman Dina Titus (D-NV), Congressmen Steve Cohen (D-TN), and Congressman Joe Neguse (D-CO) in calling for a halt to helicopter roundups and a shift towards humane, in-the-wild management.
  • AWHC has onsite observers at all three of the BLM’s helicopter operations.

Photos can be used with credit to American Wild Horse Campaign