Devil's Garden Horses Available for Adoption

In October 2018, the U.S. Forest Service completed its roundup and removal of 932 horses from the Devil’s Garden Wild Horse Territory (DGWHT) in the Modoc National Forest near Alturas, CA.  Besides losing their freedom and families, these cherished horses have endured ongoing mismanagement in captivity that includes euthanasia from Pigeon Fever, inexperienced staff managing them in holding pens, and the ongoing threat of being sold for slaughter.

The horses captured are still in need of homes. These are the horses that the U.S. Forest Service wants to sell without limitation on slaughter, but our lawsuit has so far blocked this action. Read more about the horses in need below.

Devil’s Garden Horses Still Available for Sale/Adoption

As of February 22, 2019, about 43 horses -- 10 years and older -- are still available for sale for $1 with limitations and about 20 horses -- 9 years and younger -- are available for adoption for $125 at the U.S. Forest Service’s (USFS) Double Devil Wild Horse Corral in Alturas, CA.

Most of the mares are pregnant and will likely be foaling very soon. Of special concern are the several 16-year-old geldings. According to the USFS, there has been little interest in adopting or purchasing them.

All the older horses at the USFS’s corral would be available for "sale without limitations [on slaughter]" if it weren't for the pending lawsuit filed by AWHC and other organizations that are scheduled to be heard on May 9th. However, once the younger horses are unsuccessfully offered for adoption three times, they will become “three strike” horses and could also be available for “sale without limitations” as well as vulnerable for entry into slaughter pipeline.

To find out how to adopt or purchase these amazing Devil’s Garden wild horses, please click here, or email Leigh Sevy, Range & Wild Horse Program Manager/Modoc National Forest, at

Yearlings Available for Adoption

In Fall 2016, the U.S. Forest Service also rounded up and removed 220 wild horses from the Devil's Garden Wild Horse Territory. After the operation, the horses were sent to the Bureau of Land Management's Litchfield Corrals. Many of the mares were pregnant and delivered their foals in the BLM's holding pens in the spring and summer of 2017.

In the fall of 2017, the BLM separated a group of 28 "weanlings" from their mothers and shortly after 25 of them tragically died from antibiotic-induced colitis. One of the survivors, now lovingly named Selena, was taken in by our Board President Ellie Price's nonprofit, Montgomery Creek Ranch, along with four Devil's Garden mare/foal pairs and one orphan, now named Pocket (below), whose mother was found dead in the corrals. 

Today these Devil's Garden youngsters -- Paloma, Flint, Fisher, Tule, Pocket, and Selena --  are a colorful bunch and a happy little herd. They are curious, friendly, halter trained and enthusiastically ready for their perfect forever homes. 

When you adopt from Montgomery Creek Ranch, they are able to bring on more horses in need. Interested in adopting? Watch the videos of all of the two-year-olds and learn more here.