Equine Vets Needed to Speak up for Humane Wild Horse Management

Reach Out to Your Horse Vet Today! 

If you have a horse in your life, then chances are you also have a relationship with at least one equine veterinarian. We need you to contact him/her ASAP!

The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) – the professional association of horse vets – has circulated to its members a draft position statement on wild horse and burro management. 

Based on one-sided information provided by the BLM, the draft position statement endorses surgical sterilization and sale without limitation (slaughter) as acceptable management options. If officially adopted, this position could be very damaging to our efforts to secure humane and publicly acceptable management practices for our iconic mustangs.

The AAEP needs to hear from its members immediately. Would you reach out to your equine veterinarian and ask him/her to provide feedback?

Click here for a draft email that you can cut, paste and email to your vet.

Thanks for taking this important action to stop the BLM and pro-slaughter forces from advancing their lethal agenda for our cherished wild horses and burros.

- The AWHC Team