Meet Annabell May

Annabelle May has been with Virginia Range stallion, Hammer for years. She has a lovely roan coat and also has appaloosa characteristics. She is as steadfast as she is beautiful. Her wide-set eyes give her the look of wisdom and help her to see her surroundings. She is known to be a wonderful mother to her past foals. But she is also wary and cautious. When Hammer brought in a new mare a couple of years ago, she was not ready to accept this newcomer at first and made sure she stayed on the outside of the hub. Gradually, she and the other mares allowed the new mare into the band. They now stick together in a family band of 16, one of the largest bands on the Virginia Range. (Most are fewer in number - that is a lot of horses for a stallion to keep track of!)

Photos by Nancy Florence and Margaret Dziolek