A Message from Bubba, a Wyoming Wild Stallion

Friend – my herd needs your help.


Photo by Kimerlee Curyl

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is coming for me, my family, and my herd in 2023, intending to capture and remove every single one of us from our home in the 1.1 million-acre Salt Wells Creek Herd Management Area (HMA) and the neighboring 780,000-acre Great Divide Basin HMA in Wyoming.

I’ll be honest, I’m scared. Helicopter roundups aren’t just cruel, they can be deadly. I’ve personally seen the horrors of these roundups firsthand. Last year, my family was torn apart when the BLM conducted the largest roundup in history in the Wyoming Checkerboard. I was lucky to survive with just an injury to my knee, but others weren’t as fortunate. I saw my friends get trapped, break their legs, and lose their lives after the BLM captured them with helicopters.

AWHC is working hard to stop the BLM from conducting brutal helicopter roundups. They are proving there is a better way to keep wild horses like me and my family wild, using humane fertility control as a safe and effective alternative to roundups.

The AWHC legal team is ready to defend me and my family from this attack, but they need your support now. A big deadline is approaching at the end of the year, and thanks to the generosity of donors, all contributions made before midnight on Saturday will be MATCHED.

Can you chip in before the deadline to help AWHC reach its $150,000 goal so they can save my herd and me from eradication by the BLM next year?

Friend, I can’t bear the thought of going through another helicopter roundup. I was fortunate to survive being captured and then was released last time. I’ve even managed to start anew. But I know the BLM is coming for us again next year, and I may not be so lucky this time.

That’s why we need organizations like AWHC that fight to protect wild horses like me — and they need your support to continue this critical work in 2023.

Please consider making a donation before midnight on December 31st to help AWHC reach its End-of-Year goal and support efforts to protect me and my herd from more brutal helicopter roundups in 2023!

Thank you, friend.


— Bubba
 A curly from Salt Wells Creek