Red Desert Complex 2018 Roundup

The BLM's Red Desert roundup ended on August 17, 2018 with 1,444 wild horses captured and 10 deaths, six of which were foals. At least four of the foals were run to death; a fifth was euthanized after breaking his leg. A sixth foal was euthanized due to a previously broken fetlock, meaning he was chased for miles on an injured leg. Other deaths include a six year old stallion who was injured and blinded by another stallion on a trailer and three horses who were euthanized by BLM due to pre-existing conditions. The captured horses were classified as Body Condition 5 and 6 - which is extremely healthy for wild horses (6 even borders on overweight).

Despite the obvious health of the range and the wild horses, BLM intends to return to the Red Desert Complex and remove over 1,200 more horses from this range and a wild horse population that is clearly healthy and thriving.

The law states that BLM should remove horses to restore the Thriving Natural Ecological Balance, but to BLM the only balance that matters is the massive imbalance of livestock over everything else on our public rangelands. Given the terrible toll this latest roundup has taken, when the agency returns to the Red Desert, we'll be there.

August 17, 2018 

Yesterday, the BLM rounded up and removed 212 wild horses from the Stewart Creek HMA in the Red Desert Complex in Wyoming. They also released 13 stallions and 12 PZP'ed mares back into the HMA.

BLM has confirmed that the foal who was lagging behind in this video died shortly after being rounded up. We believe this was another result of extreme exertion.

August 16, 2018

92 wild horses were rounded up and removed from the Green Mountain HMA in the Red Desert Complex in Wyoming yesterday. There were no injuries or deaths reported.

Today the roundup has already begun in Stewart Creek HMA where yesterday we posted a video of families living peacefully wild and free. 

August 15, 2018

Yesterday, these horses were living their lives wild and free in Wyoming, enjoying their families and their home on our public lands. Soon they will be facing BLM helicopters, a miles long stampede and capture. They will never see their families or know freedom again. 

August 14, 2018

Approximately 149 wild horses were captured and removed from the Green Mountain HMA within the Red Desert Complex yesterday. There were 2 more deaths, including another foal noted with a "preexisting injury".

We continued to witness foals being separated from the main groups and mares hanging back to stay with their babies.

This roundup is likely to conclude in the next 3-4 days. The BLM was scheduled to removed 2,600+ but has only received authorization for 1,450. We're on the ground again today - we'll keep you posted. Thank you for staying engaged and spreading the word. 

August 13, 2018

August 12, 2018

Our photographer shot these photos this week of wild horses living in the Stewart Creek HMA in Wyoming, which is part of the Red Desert Complex that is currently undergoing a roundup. These horses could be enjoying their last few days of freedom.

What you will notice is that these horses are in incredible condition. Most in body scores of 5 and some, as you can see, well above that - teetering on being overweight. Please continue to spread the word that wild horses are NOT starving on the range. The propaganda that is being spread by Congressman Chris Stewart, Congressman Mark Amodei and some other politicians is detrimental to the future of our wild herds.

August 11, 2018

132 wild horses were captured from Green Mountain HMA in the Red Desert Complex in Wyoming. This roundup continues to be hardest on young foals who are struggling to keep up, being pushed hard in the summer heat. 3 of the 6 deaths so far have been foals.

We only had a distant view of the trap area from about a mile away. The horses continue to come off the range in great shape with body class of 5.

August 10, 2018

Deaths continue at BLM WY Red Desert Roundup: 2 foals dead from "capture shock" (Wed.), 1 foal euthanized after breaking his leg and a 2nd foal orphaned (Thurs.), a 6-year old stallion euthanized after being "injured and blinded by another stallion on a trailer" (Friday).

Report from AWHC’s Observer: 140 wild horses were rounded up and captured from Green Mountain HMA. Horses coming in with Henneke body scores of 5's and 6's - top notch condition for a wild horse (6 is even considered to be moderately “fleshy!”). Observers kept approximately a mile away from the trap site. Mares and foals are being shipped to the Rock Springs holding facility (picture below) stallions going to Axtell holding corrals in Utah.

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