Scientific Advisory Board

AWHC is committed to using science-based solutions to humanely manage the wild horse and burro populations on our public rangelands.  The SAB will help us advance our mission by providing scientific advice on a range of issues that are related to our work.

Karen Dalke – Dr. Dalke is a Senior Lecturer in the Sociology Department at the University of Wisconsin/Green Bay.  Using a unique anthropological lens, she has written and researched extensively about the American mustang and their place in our culture.

Erick Lundgren – Mr. Lundgren is a PhD student at Arizona State University.  A field biologist, he is currently researching a phenomenon that has never been explored in the scientific literature – well-digging by the wild burros of the Sonoran Desert. His work on the ecological benefits of introduced megafauna challenges traditional notions of native vs. invasive species. (See Introduced Megafauna are Rewilding the Anthropocene for more information.)

Robin Kelly, DVM– Dr. Kelly is an equine veterinarian whose practice is based in Northern California. Her clients range from show jumpers and companion horses to mini-horses and geriatric ponies.  Until recently, she was also attending veterinarian for Montgomery Creek Ranch, a 2,000-acre sanctuary, where she was responsible for providing veterinary care to 245 wild horses and burros rescued from slaughter.

Allen Rutberg, Ph.D. – Dr. Rutberg is the Director of the Center for Animals and Public Policy and an Assistant Research Professor at the Tufts/Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.  He is one of the country’s leading writers and researchers on fertility control for wildlife, with a special focus on wild horses.