Statement from Rob Hammer

PROPERTY OF AWHC(December 11, 2020) I find it perplexing that the BLM continues to push their population management philosophy in such a barbaric direction, particularly when effective, cost-efficient and, above all, humane alternatives are available.  They seem to give little or no consideration to the welfare of the mares they would subject to this cruel experimental procedure, nor the bands that rely upon intact adults of both genders for their ongoing health and survival. 

Having abandoned their plans to perform this procedure on the mares of Oregon’s Warm Springs HMA two years ago – thanks to intense public and legal pressure brought by AWHC and the wild equine advocacy community at large – they have now set their sights on a little-known herd tucked away in a remote area at the southern extreme of the Great Salt Lake Desert.  Perhaps they thought this herd would prove anonymous enough for their plans to fly under the radar.  But this was one of the first areas I visited when I started researching herd areas for the Wild Horse Tourist website in 2014.  Along with the adjacent Conger HMA, Confusion has become one of my three most frequently visited areas over the past six years.  I love Western Millard County.  It was the wild horses that first lured me there, and it is the horses that keep me going back.  

I am confident that AWHC will prevail in this effort to protect these mares, ensuring healthy, viable herds will continue to draw adventurous wild horse enthusiasts to this little-known but thoroughly enchanting corner of the desert.

Robert Hammer is a co-plaintiff with AWHC in our lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) over the agency's plan to surgically sterilize wild mares who were captured in the roundup at the Confusion Herd Management Area, which ended on December 9, 2020. Rob is a native Utahan, photographer, and author of the book, 'Salt Desert Mustangs: Discovering wild horses and historic trails in Tooele County, Utah.' He runs Wild Horse Tourist, an informational website on viewing America’s wild horses and burros.