Story of orphaned foal (baby horse) and her stallion protector goes viral as Sand Wash Basin roundup continues

Sierra Club National tells Interior Dept. to remove livestock not wild horses

Day 7 Media Update 9/8/2021

  • Gone viral: the story of the tiny foal left abandoned on the range after her mother was rounded up, and the stallion who sacrificed his freedom to protect her, then claimed it back by jumping a 6 foot panel and escaping to the open range. 
  • 79  wild horses (22 Stallions, 46 Mares, and 11 Foals) lost their freedom bringing capture total to 501.
  • Advocates launch a campaign to end the roundup and leave the Sand Wash wild horse population at the high end of the population limit of 163-362 wild horses. 
  • Horses brought in from long distances, exhausted by the time they reached the trap. Foals continue to be left behind, brought in by wranglers from another site.
    • Photographer on the ground, “Some horses were literally walking in, the helicopter couldn't make them run.”
    • Video here as photographer leaving the operation.
  • National Sierra Club cites severe BLM bias against wild horses as basis for roundup not drought

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