Volunteer Spotlight: Johnny Takacs

This article was taken from the monthly Virginia Range newsletter The Pinto Post. Click here to sign up to receive the latest happenings from the boots-on-the-ground work on behalf of this historic herd!

(July 9, 2020) This month, Johnny Takacs, an unwavering Virginia Range darter, and documenter is our featured highlight. Johnny has a great story and tells it best. Go for it, Johnny!

“I grew up on 175 acres in Connecticut and was on the back of horses before I could walk. Most of my teenage years, I spent hours riding after school. Years later, I saw pictures on Facebook by John Humphrey and contacted him about where to find the wild horses. He, in turn, put me in touch with Deb Walker and the rest is history.

My favorite part of darting is just getting out on the range with the horses, feeling their freedom, and knowing I'm doing something to keep them wild and free. All my life I've been fascinated with the history of the West, and I love horses so it was a no brainer to get involved. I've lived in Nevada for 4 years and been working with the horses for three and a half. My life before being a darter, documenter, and rescuer, was working as a union carpenter. It was not nearly as fulfilling as being on the range, but it made it possible for me to live my dream.”

Watch Johnny in action at the video below! 

In Johnny’s narrative, he doesn’t mention he was in The Mustang! The Mustang is a film about a violent convict who has the opportunity to participate in a rehabilitation program where the prisoners train wild mustangs. Johnny appears about two minutes into the film. This earned him the nickname Hollywood!

Thank you Johnny for all your hard work and dedication to protecting the Virginia Range mustangs!