WE'RE HIRING: National Director of Field Operations

National Director of Field Operations


The American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC), the U.S.’s leading wild horse conservation organization, is seeking a Director of Field Operations to manage its field programs, including fertility control and habitat conservation initiatives. This is an exciting opportunity to lead and expand cutting-edge wildlife protection and management programs. 

The Director of Field Operations will be responsible for overseeing and implementing expansion of AWHC’s on-range conservation and management activities. The role requires (1) an entrepreneurial  spirit, (2) ability to work with diverse stakeholders and government agencies, (3) scientific fluency and ability to cultivate relationships with a network of scientific experts in relevant fields, and (4) project management skills to design, implement and oversee AWHC’s fertility control programs and habitat assessment, restoration, and improvement projects.

The Director of Field Operations is a remote position but must be located in the West, preferably in one of the 10 states where federally-protected wild horses and burros live. 

This position reports to AWHC’s Executive Director.


Fertility Control Initiatives

AWHC promotes and implements programs that utilize the porcine zona pellucida (PZP) immunocontraceptive vaccine to humanely manage wild horses in the wild and keep populations in balance with their environment. AWHC’s Virginia Range fertility control program in the greater Reno area is now the world’s largest wild horse immunocontraception program. AWHC partners with the University of Pretoria for scientific data analysis of the program to ensure efficacy and safety. 

AWHC plans to now expand its fertility control operations nationally across the western states. The Director of Field Operations will take the helm of AWHC’s fertility control efforts nationally, including— 

  • Spearheading AWHC’s efforts to develop new PZP programs throughout the western U.S., including building necessary relationships and developing science-based fertility control proposals; 
  • Developing academic and scientific partnerships and partnerships with NGOs and other stakeholders; and
  • Working with the AWHC Director of Government Relations to coordinate with government agencies.

Habitat Conservation Programs

In addition to humane fertility control programs, AWHC advances additional tools for conserving wild horse and burro populations including habitat acquisition and habitat improvement via water development, spring restoration, reseeding, and, in some cases, fencing to protect animals from developing areas and roadways. The Director of Field Operations work will include— 

  • Assessing range conditions, including land health and impacts of multiple uses, within Herd Management Areas and Herd Areas to develop solutions for keeping wild horses and burros in the wild and protecting their habitats; 
  • Forging partnerships with ranching permittees, private landowners, NGOs, and government agencies to protect/restore habitat, expand water resources, and expand access to designated habitat for wild horses and burros; and
  • Building relationships with ecologists, range conservationists, and other experts to assist in developing habitat and herd conservation plans.

Other Responsibilities

  • Representing AWHC at scientific meetings, conferences, and stakeholder engagement processes.
  • Serving as a field expert for AWHC’s advocacy and legislative work. 
  • Briefing the AWHC Board of Directors on AWHC’s field programs. 
  • Managing AWHC’s expanding field team. 


The ideal candidate will have: 

  • Knowledge of fertility control science, horse behavior, ecology, and range conservation, and an interest in wildlife and environmental protection.
  • Degree in animal science or policy, animal behavior, wildlife biology, conservation biology, ecology, environmental science, or natural resources/range management desirable.
  • Project management experience with staff and volunteer management background.
  • Strong writing and research skills.
  • Strong organizational and relationship management skills. 
  • Experience with off-road 4-wheel driving conditions.
  • Ability to work in extreme conditions with temperatures ranging from 25 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and ability to traverse rugged and uneven terrain. 
  • Knowledge of and appreciation for horses and public lands, and a love for the outdoors.
  • Commitment to a culture of integrity and compassion.

To apply email jointheherd@americanwildhorsecampaign.org