Wyoming's Wild Horse Roundup Continues

By Abigail Jane, One Green Planet

December 22, 2021

Many horse organizations, as well as supporters, petitioned to stop the largest roundup of wild horses ever recorded in the US. The petition states that the BLM unlawfully removed 59 more wild horses and did not follow their own protocols. It garnered over 70,000 signatures, however, the roundup is still going on.

The roundup of 3,555 wild horses in Wyoming is a travesty that will harm the land and ultimately endanger the wild horses that are captured. It is extremely stressful for the horses and has also resulted in both injuries and death.

As of right now, 2,383 wild horses have already been captured and multiple horses have already died in the dangerous roundups.

The American Wild Horse Campaign said, “Once the operation is completed, nearly 50 percent of the state’s mustang population will be gone.”

Carol Walker, a wild horse photographer, said, “In its attempt to hide from the public that too many horses are being removed from the Salt Wells Creek HMA and too few are being returned to their homes, the Bureau of Land Management once again proves that the public cannot trust them to follow their own protocols or to protect and properly manage the wild horses in their care.”

This is a dangerous and traumatizing task that puts all wild horses in danger. It splits up important herds and families and completely disrupts their way of life. The government needs to listen to the activists’ petition and put a stop to this cruel roundup of wild horses.

Originally posted by One Green Planet