Talking Points Against SJR3

  • SJR3 seeks federal funding for mass roundups that will devastate Nevada’s wild horse populations with the removal of tens of thousands of these iconic and publicly cherished animals. 
  • The mass roundups and incarceration of wild horses and burros in holding pens could cost taxpayers $1 billion or more over the life of the horses.
  • The resolution endorses the most costly, unscientific and inhumane method for managing wild horses -- roundups and removals -- while failing to prioritize humane management methods like PZP fertility control, which has proven to be successful right in northern Nevada with the largest free-roaming horse program in the world.
  • SJR3 is not consistent with the wishes of 86 percent of Nevadans who want wild horses protected on public lands in the state.
  • SJR3 will harm ecotourism and business development in Nevada by destroying Nevada’s wild herds.
  • Vote No on SJR3 and instead support humane, scientifically recommended methods of managing wild horses and burros on the public lands they call home.