Tell McDOT: Build a Wildlife Overpass!

(January 16, 2020) Our week of action is making a difference for the Salt River wild horses in Arizona. Thousands of people who love this herd have taken action so far, so let’s keep it up!

Today, calls and emails are needed to the Maricopa Department of Transportation (MCDOT) -- to request a critically needed wildlife overpass in the Salt River wild horses’ habitat. Without this overpass, the Salt River wild horses stand to lose 40% of their critical grazing grounds, thanks to new fencing within the Tonto National Forest where they live.

McDOT can make this happen. Please politely request that McDOT build a wildlife and wild horse overpass over Bush Highway in the Coon Bluff area of the Tonto National Forest as soon as possible to protect the Salt River wild horses and public safety in this area.


After you call and email, be sure to sign and share the petition! 602-506-3342 or