Wild Horse Photographers

We're proud to partner with the following photographers who lend their time, talent, and respect to capture wild horses across public lands through a long lens.

All images used on our site are from the below photographers who have generously donated their art to help AWHC educate about America's wild horses and burros. 

Kimerlee Curyl

Kimerlee Kimerlee Curyl has been capturing America's remaining wild horses since 2004. She has developed a highly unique and recognizable style of capturing the truest essence, spirit and rich texture of the horse. It is that style that is sought out by collectors and collaborators around the globe. Unless otherwise stated these images are all of wild horses, owned by no one and created by the very salt of the earth. Images are captured in their element and on their terms, nothing is contrived. These are accounts of their day to day lives living on our vast, yet dwindling public lands.

She has traveled to numerous remote and many times isolated locations, earning her place as one of the leading wild horse fine art photographers in the world. Countless hours have been spent observing and understanding the movements, thoughts and sheer will of the horse.

She is committed to the protection of wildness, her ongoing efforts not only chronicle the freedom of our wild horses on their home territory but more importantly help raise significant awareness for the plight they are continuing to face year after year. Round up after round up. Each collection is the story of a place where wildness still exists...for now.

Kimerlee created a series of Open Edition plant-based, archival, museum quality pigment prints for the American Wild Horse Campaign in which 20% goes directly to our work to Keep Wild Horses Wild. 


Maria Marriott

MARIAMARRIOTTA native from Brazil and an internationally published photographer, Maria Marriott’s background in photojournalism makes her a natural storyteller. As a horse lover and an equestrian for most of her life, she combines her passion for horses with her art and the desire to bring public awareness to the safety and well-being of the American wild horses. Through a minimal approach and an intimate style, Maria enables you to closely feel their spirit. 

Maria Marriott Photography is proud to support the American Wild Horses Campaign through her Wild Horse Collections by donating a portion of profits to help preserve these American icons in our Western public lands, where they belong.


KT Merry

KT MERRYKT Merry is a photographer of eminence, channeling years of experience in the fashion photography industry and drawing inspiration from nature. KT uses her artful approach in tandem with her medium of choice — film — to compose painterly images that are graceful, honest and boldly natural. Whether shooting an editorial, narrating the once-in-a-lifetime moment of a wedding or creating fine art images, KT Merry consistently creates works of profound beauty

Having been an equestrian and horse lover her entire life, KT combines her passions and has photographed horses for her personal works for over a decade. She shares this work in the KT Merry Fine Art Print Shop with her Equus series. From polo ponies to ranch horses to wild mustangs, KT captures the beauty and power that horses exude.

The photographic series Simply Wild, focused on American Mustangs, donates 20% of all retail sales to the American Wild Horse Campaign.