Trump's Priorities for BLM Raises Alarm For Wild Horses

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Recently leaked documents detailing the Trump Administration’s priorities for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) are raising alarm bells for many, including those of us working to protect wild horses and burros in the wild and in holding facilities.

As published by Energy and Environment News, the Administration’s budget priorities include a proposal to “achieve appropriate management levels (AML’s) for the Wild Horse and Burro Program.” The Administration’s priority list highlights five areas, and the top item under “Making America Great through Shared Conservation Stewardship” “reducing the number of wild horses and burros on federal rangelands in the West.” The Administration also wants to streamline the livestock grazing permit process “to provide more flexibility to the American rancher” under its “Serving the American Family” initiative. .

The information being reported does not indicate how AML’s would be reached or what the Administration intends to do with wild horses and burros removed from the range or those in holding facilities.

We are very concerned that humane, proven and effective management of wild horses with PZP birth control will not be pursued as a method for reducing wild horse and burro population numbers over time.

We will continue to inform policy leaders in the Administration and Congress of the scientifically-recommended way to save taxpayer dollars and humanely reduce the growth of wild horse and burro operations. We will also continue to remind these officials of the strong support of the American people for protecting wild horses and burros on our public lands and the overwhelming public opposition to horse slaughter.