Roundup Report: The Wild Horses of the Wyoming Checkerboard

PROPERTY OF AWHCThe Checkerboard region in Wyoming includes five separate Herd Management Areas (HMAs), Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek, Great Divide Basin, White Mountain and Little Colorado, and spans 3.4 million acres.

Roundup Report: Devil's Garden Wild Horse Territory, Sept 2021

Despite the Modoc National Forest still closed due to fire concerns, the U.S. Forest Service is moving forward with the roundup and removal of wild horses from California’s largest wild horse herd.

BLM seeks to cut wild horse numbers in Colorado by more than half through roundups

By John LaConte, The Aspen Times

November 18, 2020

The Bureau of Land Management White River Field Office will host an in-person public hearing on Thursday to receive comments on a plan to conduct helicopter roundups on wild horses in western Colorado.

While there are no wild burros in Colorado, the BLM estimates the Western Slope to have more than 2,000 wild horses. The Bureau wants to reduce that number to about 800.

New Plan Threatens Future of the Theodore Roosevelt Wild Horses

(September 29, 2023) This week the National Park Service (NPS) released the much-awaited Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) for a livestock management plan for the wild horses and longhorn cattle in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park (TRNP).

The 93-page document will “assess the potential impacts of continuing current livestock management (No Action Alternative) and implementing one of the action alternatives that would remove livestock from Theodore Roosevelt National Park.”

Surprise Complex Roundup, September 2023


On September 18, 2023, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will begin a roundup and removal of the wild horses from the Surprise Complex, east of Cedarville, California. A Complex is a group of Herd Management Areas in close proximity to one another. Wild horses from the High Rock, Fox Hog, and Wall Canyon will be rounded up and removed. The agency is setting a target goal of 494 wild horses to be rounded up, with approximately 404 permanently removed. All horses will be transferred to the BLM's Holding Facility at Litchfield.

Roundup Report: Devil's Garden Wild Horse Territory, Sept 2023

The Devil’s Garden Wild Horse Territory is home to California’s largest wild horse herd. It is made up of 258,000 acres outside of Alturas, California. These mustangs fall under the management of the U.S. Forest Service, not the Bureau of Land Management.

Roundup Report: West Douglas Herd Area, Sept 2023

The West Douglas Herd Area (HA) is located in the same region of northwest Colorada as the 190,000-acre Piceance-East Douglas Herd Management Area (HMA). However, unlike the Piceance HMA, which allows a maximum of 235 horses to live there, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has set an allowed population level of 0 for the West Douglas HA, blaming the terrain and lack of summer range.

The BLM has contracted with ll use CD Warner Livestock to use helicopters to round up and remove the remaining 68-120 wild horses left on the public lands in the HA beginning on or about September 1.

Oregon Roundups Conclude: Summary

Hog Creek HMA Roundup Summary, August 24, 2023

The BLM captured 38 horses (18 stallions, 18 mares, 2 foals) and shipped 24 to the Burns Corrals. Fourteen animals were released (7 stallions and 7 fertility-treated mares).

The average Henneke Body Score was 4. Roundup operations ended at 2:45 p.m. Conditions were sunny and clear with a high near 82F.

The Hog Creek roundup officially concluded, with 38 mustangs captured. 

Deadly Federal Wild Horse Roundups Conclude in Nevada

39 federally-protected wild horses including small foals, perished in operations

RENO, NV (August 22, 2023) — Yesterday, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced the conclusion of two controversial large-scale capture operations in eastern Nevada, which unfortunately resulted in the tragic deaths of 39 federally-protected wild horses.