Daily Reports: Shawave Mountain Roundup

The Plan

The Shawave Mountains HMA is managed within the Winnemucca District Office, by the Humboldt River Field Office. The HMA is located in western Pershing County, Nevada approximately 50 miles northeast of Reno, Nevada. The area consists of 139,552 acres of BLM land and 37,652 acres of a mix of private and other public lands for a total of 177,204 acres.

The BLM plans to capture approximately 1,600 wild horses and 200 burros, zeroing out the burros entirely as the HMA is "not managed for wild burros".

Roundup Report: Swasey Mountain HMA, July 2020

On July 15, 2020, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Fillmore Field Office in Utah began a roundup and removal of wild horses from within and outside of the Swasey Herd Management Area (HMA) in Millard and Juab counties. The roundup is expected to last approximately sixteen days.

REPORTS FROM THE FIELD: Range Creek Wild Horse Roundup 2020

On July 1, 2020 the BLM began a roundup and removal of approximately 125 wild horses from Federal, State and private lands. The first several days of the operation were closed to public viewing as the trap site was located on private lands and the property owner refused permission. 

The appropriate management level for this HMA is 75-125 animals and the current population of 184 horses. Horses removed from the range will be transported to the Axtell Off-Range Contract Wild Horse Facility in Axtell, Utah.

BLM Gallops Ahead with Mass Wild Horse Removal Plan; Helicopters Descend on Remote Utah Herd Beginning Today

BLM Gallops Ahead with Mass Wild Horse Removal Plan; Helicopters Descend on Remote Utah Herd Beginning Today

PRICE, Utah (July 1, 2020) … As controversial BLM acting director William Perry Pendley heads into a rocky confirmation process on Capitol Hill, the agency he heads is charging into summer with an unprecedented assault against the nation’s beloved wild horses and burros.

BLM to Roundup 5K Wild Horses & Burros from Public Lands this Summer/Fall 

BLM to Roundup 5,000 Wild Horses & Burros from Public Lands this Summer/Fall 

2020 to be the Most Perilous Year in Two Decades for Iconic Mustangs and Burros

Daily Reports: Reveille Wild Horse Roundup 2020

On January 21, 2020, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced its plans to conduct a helicopter roundup and removal of 150 wild horses from the Reveille Herd Management Area (HMA)  in Nevada beginning on Thursday, February 6, 2020. 

Daily Reports: Eagle Complex Roundup 2020

The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Caliente and Cedar City field offices announced on January 9, 2020, that they would begin a  roundup wild horses from in and around the Eagle Complex located near Pioche, Nev. on January 13. The Complex consists of the Chokecherry, Eagle, and Mt. Elinor Herd Management Areas (HMAs).

The BLM will roundup 1,700 wild horses and remove up to 1,600. The BLM will treat up to 50 mares with the fertility control vaccine GonaCon-Equine and release the mares with an equal number of stallions.

AWHC Asks BLM to Postpone Massive Wild Horse Roundup in Nevada

PIOCHE, NEVADA (January 10, 2020)... Today, the American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC), the nation’s leading wild horse protection organization, sent a legal letter to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) asking for the postponement of a wild horse roundup scheduled to begin on Monday, citing a violation of the public’s First Amendment rights.

Daily Reports: White River/Seaman Wild Horse Roundup 2020

jan 7(January 6, 2020) The BLM has plans to "zero-out", or remove all, wild horses from the Seaman and White River Herd Areas (HAs) in Nevada. The operation started back in November, but due to "unseasonably warm weather" which kept horses in higher elevations for longer than expected, the BLM paused the operation and resumed it this week. 

Holidays Bring Loss in Fish Springs, Nevada

By Deb Walker, Nevada Field Representative 

(January 6, 2019) On November 29, 2019, more than 50,000 hearts broke throughout the world at the announcement that the famous wild stallion Samson and his family had been trapped and removed from their home in Fish Springs, Nevada. Over 50,000… that’s the number of people worldwide who follow tales of the Fish Springs wild horses living free on public lands in Nevada’s spectacular Carson Valley.