BLM seeks to cut wild horse numbers in Colorado by more than half through roundups

By John LaConte, The Aspen Times

November 18, 2020

The Bureau of Land Management White River Field Office will host an in-person public hearing on Thursday to receive comments on a plan to conduct helicopter roundups on wild horses in western Colorado.

While there are no wild burros in Colorado, the BLM estimates the Western Slope to have more than 2,000 wild horses. The Bureau wants to reduce that number to about 800.

Roundup Report: Surprise Complex, Oct 2021

The Surprise Complex (Complex) includes the Massacre Lakes, Bitner, Nut Mountain, Wall Canyon, High Rock, and Fox Hog Herd Management Areas (HMAs) and spans nearly 400,000 acres in Nevada. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) currently estimates that approximately 1,300 - 1,700 horses call the Complex home.

Roundup Report: Devil's Garden Wild Horse Territory, Sept 2021

Despite the Modoc National Forest still closed due to fire concerns, the U.S. Forest Service is moving forward with the roundup and removal of wild horses from California’s largest wild horse herd.

Roundup Report: Owyhee Complex, October 2021

The Owyhee Complex (Complex) includes the Little Owyhee, Owyhee, Rock Creek and Snowstorm Mountains Herd Management Areas (HMAs) and spans over 1 million acres in Nevada. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) currently estimates that as of May 2021, approximately 1,118 wild horses call the Complex home. However, the BLM’s unscientifically low Appropriate Management Level (AML) for the Complex – the number of horses the agency claims that the range can sustainably support in conjunction with other animals and resource uses – is 621-999 horses. 

Roundup Report: The Wild Horses of the Wyoming Checkerboard

PROPERTY OF AWHCThe Checkerboard region in Wyoming includes five separate Herd Management Areas (HMAs), Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek, Great Divide Basin, White Mountain and Little Colorado, and spans 3.4 million acres.

Bureau of Land Management Starts Largest WIld Horse roundup In history

Amid public outrage, federal helicopters descended on Wyoming’s wild horses with the goal of rounding up nearly 50% of the states horses  

The BLM is planning to conduct the largest roundup of wild horses EVER in just a few days. 

On or around October 8 and continuing into February, BLM-contracted helicopters will take to the skies to round up 4,397 wild horses living in 5 Herd Management Areas (HMAs) — Little Colorado, White Mountain, Great Divide Basin, Salt Wells Creek, and Adobe Town — across 3.4 million acres of land in an area known as the Wyoming Checkerboard. 

Barring a compromise, the roundup will slash the wild horse population in these HMAs to just 1,550 — the lowest the BLM can legally go — leaving just 1 horse for every 2,217 acres.

E&E News: BLM to conduct massive Wyo. wild horse roundup

By Scott Streater, E&E News

GREENWIRE | The Bureau of Land Management is planning to conduct one of its largest-ever roundup operations next week in southwestern Wyoming to remove thousands of excess wild horses from a patchwork quilt of public-private lands.

The proposed roundup and permanent removal of 3,500 wild horses from five federal herd management areas is set to begin Oct. 7 and amounts to nearly half the total 7,700 wild horses roaming federal rangelands across the Cowboy State.

Bureau of Land Management Announces Largest Wild Horse Roundup in Program History

The agency prepares to remove 50% of Wyoming’s wild horse population