Join our virtual sit-in against the USFS mustang slaughter plan

October 24, 2018... Today, we’re organizing a rally at the U.S. Forest Service Region 5 headquarters in Vallejo, California to protest the roundup of wild horses from the Devils Garden Wild Horse Territory and the pending sale of captured horses for slaughter. Even if you can’t make it in person, we need your help to raise awareness for the issue online during our rally.

Support our protest against the sale of wild horses without limitation on slaughter by joining our virtual sit-in today.

We could be working toward humane and sustainable wild horse management – instead, we’re working around the clock to make sure these horses are not sold by the truckload for a $1 a piece. Supporters across the country have come forward to voice their support for saving these horses. We need that energy today.

Make your voice heard TODAY! Here’s how you can help:

Leave a message on the Forest Service FB Page

Leave a message on the Modoc National Forest FB Page

Tweet at Forest Service Region 5

Tweet at Forest Service National

Tweet at the Modoc National Forest

Share and RT posts from our account @FreeWildHorses

Here’s a sample message to share:

“Save wild horses from slaughter! I oppose the U.S. Forest Service rounding up wild horses in California and selling them without limitation – where they could be sold by the truckload for $1 a piece to be butchered for horsemeat. #ProtectWildHorses

While we’re protesting at the Forest Service in Vallejo today, we’ll be counting on you to raise awareness of this issue online and across the country. If we all raise our voices, the Forest Service will have no choice but to change their plan of mass roundups, sale and slaughter.

Message, tweet, and share your support of America’s Wild Horses with the hashtag #ProtectWildHorses, and let’s tell the Forest Service we won’t stand for this government-sponsored cruelty.