NEVADANS: Urge Your State Senator to Protect Wild Horses!

Nevada’s wild horses urgently need your help today.

Tomorrow, the Nevada State Senate Natural Resource Committee is considering a resolution, SJR3, calling on Congress to fund mass roundups in Nevada to decimate the state’s federally-protected wild horse and burro population over the next 6 years.

This resolution is out of step with the 86 percent of Nevadans who see wild horses as defining symbols of the state and want them protected. The consequences would be devastating. As just one example, the beloved Fish Springs wild horse population could be reduced to just 11 individuals: with the sweep of a helicopter, wipe out generations of wild horses known and loved throughout the world would be wiped out!

Please join us in urging Nevada legislators to vote NO on SJR3. As a Nevadan, your voice can make a real difference!


Taking action on these steps should only take you a few minutes and could make a huge difference in the vote, so please complete all if you can!

  1. Call your {{StateSenators_Prefix_FullName_Phone or 'your state senators'}} and urge them to oppose SJR 3. You can say, "My name is [NAME] calling from [TOWN] and I am calling to please ask Senator [NAME] to OPPOSE SJR3 and you can say, "My name is [NAME] calling from [TOWN] and I am calling to please ask Senator [NAME] to oppose SJR3, which will be heard by the Senate Natural Resources Committee Tuesday. The Legislature instead should support humane, scientific methods of managing wild horses and burros on the public lands they call home. Thank you."

  2. Submit your opinion directly to the committee. The Bill to select is SJR3. >> Submit Your Opinion << 

  3. Attend the hearing on SJR3 on Tuesday by clicking on this link You can sign up to give testimony and submit written comments at this link. >> Sign up to Give Testimony << 

  4. Send an automated Tweet urging Nevada State Senators to VOTE NO on SJR3. >> Send a Tweet <<

Thank you so much for taking action, today. We'll keep you informed on the result of the hearing. 

AWHC Team Nevada